On Wednesday the 18th of March, GCSE students lives changed forever. We found out our exams were cancelled and our schools were shutting down. We didn’t expect to have such short notice. Since we were year 11 and many of us would be going to different sixth forms, our last day of school would be the last time we saw each other.

Our last day of school was extremely tough. We felt confused, angry and disappointed when trying to process the fact that all our hard work over the past few years would never pay off. Our lives were building up to this moment, whether we liked it or not. Now, we felt purposeless. We felt angry. We felt hopeless. This was supposed to be our moment to showcase our hard work and resilience. This was a long-standing rite of passage that had been robbed from us.

While our make-do results are not confirmed, if they are based on our mocks, I know I can achieve better. The uncertainty tied with the fact that we all know we can perform better than we did on our mocks creates a strange mix of emotions. Now, the only certainty is the uncertainty.

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