Source: Haaretz, credit: Alex Levac

I see the old lady in Palestine, remembering the day she was kicked out of her home 50 years ago,

I see her wishing for a day when she can sing, “Freedom! Freedom! I can’t move! Freedom cut me loose!”

I see the six-year-old boy in Palestine dreaming about being a doctor,

Staying up late at night time, the hope flickering in his eyes,

But his dreams fade away when he’s falsely accused of a crime, then illegally taken to Israel,

I see the teenage girl in Gaza diligently doing her homework at night, when the electricity disappears,

Like her hope and happiness, which is now replaced by fears.

I see Aboud Shadi getting groceries in Gaza, standing in line,

Then BOOM! There’s one less life,

I see the crimson, splattered blood, dribble down the boy’s face,

I see his friend slowly swivel around, his legs turning to jelly and his heart beating like a bass drum,

Fear crawling up his back like a hairy spider,

And the tears welling up in his shocked eyes,
And he sees an Israeli sniper in the security tower, smiling sickly and slyly .

I see the mother visit a memorial, where her daughter’s name,

Along with 257 others who were shot by Israeli snipers, is gravely carved into stone,

I see the millions of families in Palestine suffer,

I see the bombs, blood and bruises,

I see the thousands of displaced children,

Wishing for shoes and shelter.

I see the teenage boy, standing up for his rights,

Using his voice in the best way he can,

Peacefully protesting against politics and injustice,

But his voice turns to a whisper,

A whisper of despair,

As it is silenced,

Silenced just like this (click),

Just because they can,

Just because they want the land.

I see the Israelis cling on,

Cling on to their identity,

The only thing they have,

They only thing they want,

They can’t help the Palestinians get what they deserve, because they’ll lose what they have!

I dream of a day when a Palestinian can finally sing, “Freedom! Freedom! I can’t move! Freedom cut me loose!” (Sing),

I dream of a day when an Israeli can keep their identity, but can still allow Palestinians their human rights,

I dream of a day when I can make a difference,

When I can stop this catastrophic conflict,

Until that day finally graces us with its presence,

I am still here, hopefully, and helplessly dreaming.

I see it,

You see it,

We all see it,

But seeing isn’t enough,

I dream it,

You dream it,

We all dream about it,

But dreaming isn’t enough,

I dream of a day when we can stand together and make a difference,

I see the day we stand together and help them,

A day when we can all sing, “Freedom! Freedom! I can’t move! Freedom cut me loose!”

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