How Covid-19 is bringing communities together

2020 has felt chaotic. Everything you hear on the news is terrifying. From Australia burning to stressful political tensions and now this novel coronavirus, it almost feels like the world is ending.

However, in these times of uncertainty, this unusual shared experience is bringing people together. By knowing this is difficult and confusing for everyone, you can find comfort in not feeling alone. Being completely isolated is new for everyone. Anxiety associated with the virus is new for everyone. The way in which society is changing is scary, but it is new for everyone.

This shared experience is connecting people from all over the world online. Social media allows people to make light of the situation and go through this experience together. Additionally, children all across the world have been drawing rainbows and sticking them on their windows. Encouraging messages such as, ‘we can do this’ and ‘stay inside’ are scribbled underneath the rainbow. Furthermore, messages of support for the NHS can be seen everywhere. Almost every window in my street has a rainbow and every time I see one, it makes me smile. There is a sense of unity that I have never felt before.

On Thursday, the 26th of March, people all across the UK came outside of their houses to clap for the NHS at 8 pm. The way in which a country of people with different races, views and backgrounds came together was beautiful.

On my street, neighbours rarely spoke to each other. The only time we would speak to each other was if someone’s football had gone into another person’s garden. Recently, we handed out flyers with a link to a WhatsApp support group for our street. Now, in many ways, neighbours are helping each other. Younger people are getting groceries for their older, more vulnerable neighbours. This highlights the goodness of human beings, as people are helping each other everywhere. People are getting to know each other virtually. A community that was once barely existing has now flourished as a result of these troubling times.

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